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In the past decades AI - computing, perception, learning and understanding have become commonplace in our lives: We plan trips using GPS systems that use AI; Our smartphones understand our language – Siri, Cortana and Google Now; AI can detect faces and categorize them. AI can translate languages in real time and can speed up laptops by guessing what we are going to do next. While these advances have become ubiquitous, the growth of the effectiveness and ubiquity of AI methods has also stimulated thinking about the potential risks associated with advances of AI. As such an academic centre that works for the betterment of the people and develops algorithms for them is needed. This centre fulfills such a need.

Centre for AI aims to be the premier centre in India for development of AI. This includes both the fundamental algorithms in AI to further basic research and also the application of AI for solving societal problems specifically in the Indian Context. Based on these guiding principles we have started working on several problems such as :

Development of cost-effective Autonomous Vehicles to solve the last mile problem in India

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Agriculture and Environmental and Wildlife Monitoring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based Avatars

Natural Language Processing, Speech and Audio Processing and Multimedia Analytics

Theoretical and Applied Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Healthcare Informatics