CAI Seminar Series


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June 21, 2022

7:30PM - 8:30 PM


Talk on "Guaranteed adversarially robust training of neural networks"by Dr. Raman Arora, from Johns Hopkins University

Speaker Name: Prof. Raman Arora

Raman Arora is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University where he is also affiliated with the Mathematical Institute for Data Science (MINDS), the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP), and the Institute for Data-Intensive Engineering and Science (IDIES). Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, Raman was a Research Assistant Professor at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), a visiting researcher at Microsoft Research, Redmond, and a research associate at the University of Washington, Seattle. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Raman’s research interests are in machine learning, online learning, robustness, and privacy. He received an NSF CAREER

May 3, 2022

7:30PM - 8:30 PM


Talk on "Making Invisible Visible with Data, ML and Devices" in the Seminar series of CAI by Prof. Ramesh Raskar from MIT Media Lab

Speaker Name: Prof. Ramesh Raskar

Ramesh Raskar is an Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab and directs the Camera Culture research group. His focus is on AI and Imaging for health and sustainability.

14th March 2022

7:30 PM IST, 9 AM CDT


Talk on "Machine Learning and Logic: Fast and Slow Thinking" in the Seminar series of CAI by Prof. Moshe Vardi, Rice University

Speaker Name: Prof. Moshe Vardi

Prof. Moshe Vardi, Rice University where he is leading an Initiative on Technology, Culture, and Society. His interests focus on automated reasoning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence with broad applications to computer science, including machine learning, database theory, computational-complexity theory, knowledge in multi-agent systems, computer-aided verification, and teaching logic across the curriculum.

2nd Feb 2022

07:30 PM - 08:30 PM


Talk on "AI for social impact: Results from deployments for public health" in the Seminar series of CAI by Prof. Milind Tambe (Harvard University)

Speaker Name: Prof. Milind Tambe

Prof. Milind Tambe presented his work on public health, which is a perfect example of how one can design theoretical solutions to real problems, followed by large-scale deployment & field study.